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Sell More, In Store!

Create BIGGER in store sales with space planning, having the right inventory and sales training for your crew.


Visual Merchandising

  • In-store resets -Makeovers!
  • Create Big WOW factor for your store
  • Create an stronger buying environment
  • Eliminate dead-zones!  the places where products do not sell
  • Get customers to shop more of your store 
  • Fresh store equals more sales oppurtunities
  • Customers want to see whats new not what was
  • Immediate Sales lift of 20% and more!

Space Planning

  • For Remodels or New stores
  • Help you plan a flexible space easy to change up
  • How to best use of all the space
  • Cash wrap & Counter locations &  sizeing
  • Comply with needs of shipping and showing of goods
  • Color pallet selection assistance – get the color right!
  • Sourcing materials and fixtures for flooring, lighting
  • Design for best traffic flow to more of store

Coach & Mentoring In store

  • Working with Management and store staff
  • Educate store staff the best practices of Visual Merchandising & Salesmanship
  • Re-align your stores Brand & Product strategy
  • Looking at benchmarks and targeting goals
  • Guiding managers to achieve PG&A Sales goals
  • Renewed energy level of staff to offer better customer experience in store

Education & Group Seminars

  • Public Speaking for-
  • Dealer 20 group meetings
  • All sales forces (Distributors, OEM, Dealer Associations and Store staff) 
  • Small groups to large trade shows
  • Topics cover Visual Merchandising, sales of goods, customer service, branding, floor planning and product strategy
  • Persentations are customized based on group

Store Display Fixtures

To purchase Burnside line contact:
Use Promo Code RRR2017

Jennifer Robison   206-595-5715

Make your Store Look Great!     

Jennifer Robison

Jennifer has an admired reputation in powersports as a speaker and a draw for interesting and usable content in the area of merchandising and retailing. She has presented more than a dozen years for Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice dealers across the United States. More About Me


Phone: 1 (206) 595-5715


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