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I have wanted to write about this for a while and I re-inspired myself as I take on a project of my own.  I must share that I need a coach and he is why.

Two current reasons I have realized I can’t achieve my goals on my own.  One is losing weight the other is don’t laugh decorating my own home.

Losing weight for me is slower and it’s not as effective doing it on my own.  My number one personal goal is to get my physical shape back and take-off weight I gained over a long set of years of massive travel working for my former employer.  When you travel like I was 3 times a month you can’t get all your good routines working for you, like…gym, proper eating and sleep.  Often, I had to go three time zones several weeks, altering my sleep, eat when you can and when you eat it’s not that controlled food planning you do at home and after a long year plus of maintaining great shape and fitness your body just goes back to what it knows.  Prior to this I worked out 3 days a week with a grownups version of boot camp.  During my heavy travel, I started incorrect thinking that I could do it myself, I had the habit for 4 years prior, I can do this.  Wrong!  I did not push myself as hard, I stopped eating the best things to keep me on my ideal weight and the pounds crept on.  I thought I could self-coach myself since I had been successful since mid-2011.  Here it is 2017 and I am 20lbs over weight and I am battling to take the weight off.  SO, I broke down and went back to my trainer and his group of three times a week in the fitness program (as I do not have to travel heavy any longer) plus one private session.  It’s been three months and I have not lost a ton of weight yet, my shape and conditioning has taken major improvements and when I can get the food part back on track I will get back to the place I was 4 years ago, my point is, I need someone to guide me, push me, lead me and talk me to that place even though I should know how to do it myself.  Nope.

The second reason I need a coach is in planning a remodel for my home.  I have a career where I get to help people/dealers plan and design their spaces.  Understand, IT’S way different to do it for someone else than it is for yourself.  For someone else project, you are not held up by thinking.  Rules and reasons self-created of why you will or won’t do some design element.  I am not hung up by thinking a wall here or paint color there is not going to work for your project.  I see the space from all aspects and I factor lighting, space, the elements also included so I know a color will work or won’t.  But, when you do your own home or business your head gets in your way, because you want it to go well, but many of the decisions can cripple you, I understand.  Should we use a blue paint or is it too dark?  Should be have one long counter or 5 small ones?  Should we use slot wall or spend money on wall out-riggers?  We can’t use fixtures and displays too tall it will block our view.  You worry, you over think or under think and it takes you away from focus on the business you still need to operate and lead.  I understand from my own projects that I need a coach or advisor to help me make decisions.  I currently am struggling with what couch to buy for my new family room I remodeled over a year ago, some of that is my husband has opinions and slows the decision process and I admit I would love to bus drive his opinion and buy one I like.  But I know, one interior designer could break the spell.

Coaches are guides, they are to help you make decisions that are helping you to keep moving and to spot any elements or actions that will only waste your time.  A consultant is a coach, they come bearing experience so you can benefit and get your goals.  Coaches know other coaches or people that can help you that you may not have access too.  Coaches see the field and the players without being in the circles and can operate from a neutral place.

Before you think you can do it yourself (you can) understand that your coach is only focused on your goal achievement.  They can save time, money, and blockage.   Why not have a coach for your next project, a much-needed store facelift, or just to help you meet goals in a new sales market by working with your team?    The good news is, coaches like myself are tax deductible, your investing in our business!  Why not?

Is your showroom lacking that big WOW? if so, think of getting a retail coach

Blockage happens

Keep in Mind How a Coach Can Benefit, look at this check list:

  • Last time you invest in Training your employees (PG&A TEAM)
  • Invest in updating your showroom if it’s been more than 10 years since last update
  • A fresh store sells
  • Improve your stores shopping experience
  • Review your lighting-are you under lit?
  • Do you have a Grand Entrance? How is your stores WOW at first 10-30 feet?
  • Have you designed spaces for specific themes or lifestyles?
  • Are your traffic patterns working to get people to shop more of the store?
  • Are your fixtures tired? Do they look like a K mart store dumped their old displays on you?
  • Is your wall color from early 2000? Heavy on earth tones and tans?
  • Have you updated your images, pictures or still have heavy use of banners?
  • Where IS, the NEWEST products featured?
  • Is your space balanced? Or is product and brand displays random and not complimentary to what its next to?

There are many more items for this list to run through, just these alone will give you reasons to hire a coach/consultant/design specialist to boost your stores sales.

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