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Hey and hello!  Welcome to my new website and blog page!

I have been in powersports since my days as a first generation Motorclothes manager as a Harley-Davidson store starting back in 1991.  I was fortunate to be working with a great team in that time and have worked in service as a service writer, sales, F&I then Motorclothes mangers until 2000.  I then started with Intersports fashions West, Inc. as a west coast sales rep for Firstgear brand apparel.  Shortly after that was happily imported into Tucker Rocky Distributing where for the last 15 years I have been in sales support for all the house brands of apparel and hard accessories.  I have traveled the U.S.A. from Anchorage to Portland, Maine, Hawaii to Daytona and a bunch in-between.  I have performed retail seminars for groups of 12-300 speaking about visual merchandising and its importance to retailers and how to utilize it.  I have done over 42 store space planning projects for retailers creating sales floor and planning the fixtures and displays.  I have project managed and provided advise to more retailers than I can count.  I have been a speaker for our trade industry shows 15 times from Indy show, Tucker Rocky shows, AIMExpo, GIE show to MDCE in the boat world.  I have been apart of 20 groups sessions as a guest speaker and I have been quoted in media from Powersports Business to Forbes.  Its been an amazing ride, no pun intended, but I know the next chapter has greater opportunity to share my knowledge to the benefit or OE, retailers, brands and our industry.

My goal is to create a business that helps specialty action sports retailers with retails details since retails has a LOT of details.  Not everyone in retails can perform all the details to the standard they desire!  So many of you owners and managers are trying to be everything to your store, HR director, buyer, promotions, shipping and receiving leader and so much more.  Can you find it in your leadership roles to consider hiring a someone like me to help you get your goals with my specialty?  That is what I am thinking, and I hope you will reach out to me and let me share my experiences in Powersports retail and branding solutions.

I CAN:  help you with big strategic planning, MAKE OVERS!  love them, some staff training on visual merchandising and salesmanship.  Selling is a skill and require periodic practice and brush-up of skills.  Customers are different from 15 plus years ago and they want to buy its all in how you communicate to them, in most cases.  Your merchandising IS communication combined with staff interactions.  DO not let another season go buy without investing in your team.

DID I mention that my services are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!?  YES, investing in your business is NOT just an expense, its investment in your stores future near and far.

Today is the day, call me what can it hurt and lets take your investment and boost its returns.

Thank you!  Jennifer Robison, Robison Retail Results, Inc. “Handling retails details”


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