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Jennife Robison

Jennifer Robison

I have had a knack for furnishing placement since I was very young.  Growing up I was always rearranging my bedroom furniture.  I had a sense of space that lead me to this kind of work.  I can easily feel a space and sense that it may not be serving the needs of the retailer to draw customers and create a buying environment with the best conditions to get the return on investment desired.

I have had the privilege to use my skills in space planning, visual merchandising and sales to benefit my prior employers and customers for 28 years.  With my experience in retail, wholesale and brand product marketing in stores I have created a new business that brings this experiences to brand teams and retailers & sales forces.

My specialty is in Powersports retail but is relevant in Marine, Bicycle and Green industries.  My business is to provide services for improving retail sales of goods in store.

My range includes In store coaching, strategy review, visual merchandising best practices, space planning, sales training and public speaking.

I have over 40 space planning project from small independent retailers to largest multi-line Powersports retailers.   My ability to create a plan with basic displays or to use custom one-off designs as the project requires.  I look for cost saving ideas that give a polished look for tight budgets to elaborate large projects.  I do my best to use current materials and trends so the retailers get to create up-to-date looks.

My goal is to assist retailers in a design process and help them so they can spend their time on their specialty of running a retailing business.  With my experience, I can see issues in the design that may not work well like bathroom location or undersized back stock room or not enough counter space to process a sale properly.

Jennifer Robison March 2014For those of you with brands your planning to sell in stores, you can also benefit from my experience.  As a retail specialist over the last 15 years I was working with 7 brands at a time and we needed to create a scalable solutions for in-store product showcase and brand placement.  Powersports dealers are unique and have spaces that are not consistent in scale.  As a result I have become a pioneer of a custom in-store branding showcase system that is duplicated by competitors today.

My experience in retail has helped me to work with brand teams on creating meaningful and most useful tools for in stores.  Why create a brand solution that is not used or valued by retailers.

Choosing to work with me will give you access and source to many elements of retail support tools.  Lets start to boost the in store shopper experience and pump up product engagement!   Your goal of selling more goods is my business.

I look forward to help you in handling “Retails Details”

Jennifer Robison

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